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4 Expert Pinterest Tips For B2Bs

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Trying to figure out if Pinterest is a worthwhile platform for your B2B company? Chew on these tips from me and a few very special guests.

1. See if you’re already on Pinterest

Even if you don’t yet have a Pinterest account, images from your Website might already appear on Pinterest. Really! Use the following URL to see which of your images pinners have shared with their followers.

In my case, I replace the “yourdomain.com” in the URL with “sierratierra.com.” What do you see when you personalize that URL with your Website? Have others already put your images on Pinterest?

2. Search for your marketplace

If you’re on Pinterest, you’ll want to make sure that others in your marketplace are there as well. Does your business, say, provide equipment or services to hospitals? Use Pinterest’s search box and look for “hospital” under the “pinners” category. Here’s a small sampling I found using this search method.

At this point, you’ve uncovered what Pinterest users have shared from your Website. You also have a better sense of how much of your marketplace uses Pinterest. Take a moment to think: Based on what you now know, does it make sense for you to move forward with Pinterest? If so, let me share my tips interspersed with real-world practices from the following B2B marketers on Pinterest.

3. Add the “Pin It” plugin to your WordPress blog

My blog uses the “Pin it” plugin to encourage pinning of my blog’s images. You can test my plugin right now. Take your cursor and hover over one of the images in this post  – the blackboard, the hospital boards. See how a “Pin It” button appears in the upper left corner? It serves as a nice prod to interested readers to share the image on Pinterest.

Other marketing blogs also make good use of the plugin. At Marketo, visual content has become a huge part of its content strategy, Carra Manahan remarked. Incorporating “Pin It” has ensured that all of Marketo’s blog readers could easily share the blog’s visuals on their own Pinterest boards.

Ian Cleary added this simple plugin to razorsocial.com three months ago and has witnessed a doubling of his blog’s images being pinned by others.

This plugin not only gets your images shared with pinners, but also holds great potential for traffic to your Website. According to a Shareaholic study published this week, Pinterest drives more traffic to Websites than Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and Google+ combined.

Let me illustrate this referral potential. A very kind pinner pinned an infographic from my blog article on running a successful Pinterest contest. In her pin below, you’ll see two opportunities (outlined with the longer arrows) where pinners can click to my Website for more information on Pinterest contests.

The shorter arrow points to a non-clickable mention of my URL– which was part of the original image on my blog — that gives pinners a more direct “Hey! There’s more good stuff at sierratierra.com!”

As a B2B, I’ve noticed that images from my Website that provide guidance, such as the step-by-step graphic on Pinterest contests, get pinned most often. The marketers I spoke with for this post concur: infographics and pins with informative text tend to get pinned the most from their sites too. Now, could that be why the top image of this post is made of text?

Bottom line here: If you’re a B2B, you’re probably not a cute company. So don’t try cute on Pinterest. Chances are you’re a very useful company, so create visual content on your Website that’s useful. Marketo understands this. The company has plans to launch some spectacular-but-under-wraps visual content by the year’s end, from which Carra Manahan anticipates an increase in referral traffic from Pinterest.

4. Start pinning
Once you get a sense of what resonates with your marketplace, try setting up boards on your own Pinterest account. Quick tips for smart boards include the following:

  • Give meaningful, keyword-rich titles and descriptions to your boards. (Mitt Ray)
  • Balance your boards with pins from your site as well as pins from other sites and other pinners’ boards (Team at OrganikSEO)
  • Have a rhythm to pinning. Marketo adds motivational quotes on Mondays and marketing stats on Tuesdays.
  • Consider joining group boards — that is, boards that have multiple contributors. It’s a great way to build your audience. (Team at OrganikSEO) Here’s an example of a group board I’ve joined with other alumni of Binghamton University.


If you align yourself with the right contributors, you might also develop relationships that turn into leads.

Still have reservations about using Pinterest for your B2B company? Sound off in the comments!

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