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Should You Ditch Your Facebook Fan Page?

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Have you been “doing all the right things” on Facebook but continue to see a frighteningly sharp drop in results for your business? Then let us examine the following: Do the reach, demographics, and vibe of Facebook mesh well with your business — or does another social platform jive better?

Are Your Posts Reaching All Your Fans?
Not all your fans see your Facebook posts. It’s not just because your fans aren’t logged into Facebook. It’s because Facebook doesn’t release fan page posts to all of your fans. For years, approximately 16 percent of your total number of fans saw your posts. Since early December, the number has dropped even lower — we’re talking a single-digit percentage.

These days, my posts reach fewer than 10 percent of the fans on my social media marketing fan page. So to make that percentage higher, I do just what Facebook wants me to do: I pay them to promote my posts to a larger swath of my fans. I choose posts that I know fans want to see and I pay a few dollars for what Facebook Ads Manager calls “page post engagement.” That means likes, comments, shares, and clicks.

I like the results I get from my ads. If you’re not ready to engage in Facebook advertising, however, you might want to find another channel to market your business. But I set you on your way with a gentle warning — within the next two years, all major social channels will apply pressure on you to advertise on their otherwise free platforms.

Consider This Facebook Advertising Question

Is Your Ideal Customer on Facebook?
Who is your ideal buyer persona? Can that person be found on Facebook on a daily basis?

Let’s get specific here. Is your ideal customer a younger adult, of color, and/or an urban dweller? Pew Research in 2013 has suggested that this buyer persona has an increasing affinity toward Twitter and Instagram.

Is your marketing aimed toward women aged 25-45? Pinterest has a stronghold on this demographic, especially those interested in design, food and drink, health, and home decor.

The 55+ demographic continues to flourish on Facebook. If that’s your audience, you might want to stick with your fan page.

Consider This Buyer Persona Question

Why Are You on Social Media?
Especially at the start of the new year, it’s always helpful to reflect on your goals. Pull a James Stockdale and ask yourself: Who am I? What am I doing here?

If you’ve built a robust Website with arresting images and wish to drive traffic there, consider using the visual platform Pinterest which affords users a number of referral traffic opportunities. Yes, Pinterest might be a new-to-you platform with a natural learning curve. But once you’re in the swing of things, you’ll need to spend no more than 10 minutes per day on the social network. Learn how this one small business owner has gotten tons of traffic from Pinterest “without really trying.”

Are you trying to give fans in-the-moment, behind-the-scenes access to your business? Instagram users love the immediacy of mobile photographs.

If you still haven’t figured out why you’re using social media, don’t be too quick to go elsewhere. Take the time first to assess the needs of your business and how social marketing can best help you meet those needs.

Headline Photo Credit: Flickr CC / janbommes

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  1. Lisa, One sentence says it all, these free social media platforms aren’t free & we better start planning our ad campaigns or they’ll become useless. What I’m curious about is how Facebook treats fan pages differently than personal profiles?

    • Lisa Kalner Williams

      You’ve nailed it, Tina. Regarding fan pages v. profiles — Facebook doesn’t use the same algorithm to determine who sees each post on a profile. It’s much more restrictive on fan pages (hence the inherent need to advertise).

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