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My Realistic Guide to the Facebook Fan Page Redesign

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Many Facebook fan page admins learned this week that their page layout will soon change. Did you?


Let me explain what this change will mean for your Facebook marketing strategy.

The Sky Is Not Falling

There is no reason to panic about the new structure of your fan page. It’s been two years since Facebook made significant changes to the look and feel of fan pages. Two years is nearly an eternity in the world of social media.

But it’s not just a matter of the time that has elapsed between fan page redesigns. These design changes shouldn’t create panic for a few other, undoubtedly more important reasons. Let me elaborate.

Your Cover Photo Will Probably Be Fine

Here’s what a new fan page cover photo looks like.


What’s nice is that the “Like” button is right on the cover photo — that’s the closest page admins have ever gotten to a clickable “call to action” button on a cover photo!

Having the “Like” button on the cover image should prompt you to examine your current cover photo. Is it too distracting for a potential fan to find the “Like” button, let alone click on it? If so, you might benefit from a simpler photo gives more prominence to the clickable button.

If your cover photo has text in the lower right-hand corner, there is a high probability that it will be hidden behind the row of new buttons.  Coca-Cola will have to move its hashtag, for example.


Text in the right-hand corner of existing fan page covers will have to move to accommodate the upcoming Facebook fan page redesign.

And because the name of your business will now be part of the cover photo (see the above Facebook page for reference), you might have to shift additional text. Like Pepsi will have to do.


But these are small changes. The photo of this redesign is still horizontal in nature, taking the entire width of the fan page. ┬áSo let’s move on.

Your Apps Will Still Be Ignored

Remember those four app icons that appeared beneath your cover photo? They’ve now shifted to the left navigation bar of the page.


Facebook fan page apps have moved. They now appear to the left of a page’s posts.

And while the “old” design gave fan page admins the opportunity to display four apps, the new design allows only two apps to show.

That’s fine.

Apps get very few eyeballs, especially after a fan has liked a page. Upon clicking “Like,” fans rely primarily on their news feed to read your page’s latest posts. Very few fans take the time to look up all the pages they’ve “Liked” to see what’s new on these pages’ walls.

With that said, add two business-savvy apps — such as a link to a lead-generation page or an upcoming event signup. Then, to rip The Replacements’ seminal album title, “Let It Be.” (Hum The Beatles if you prefer.)

It Has Zero Impact on Your News Feed Posts

Yes, a great first impression is important. So make sure your cover photo is compelling and your apps are business-driven. But then switch your attention to the heart of your Facebook marketing — your posts. Posts are what represent your business to your fans on a daily basis — not your cover photo.

So that means not just posting when you remember or get around to it, but getting into an organized pattern of sending posts to your fans’ news feeds.

And that doesn’t mean you should be posting just to be posting. You should be creating a variety of post types that resonate with your fans and bring value to your business.

You should also be taking proactive steps to make sure your news feed posts are seen by as many fans as possible.

So are we chill now about the fan page redesign? Let me know!


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