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How to Use Facebook Insights to Rock Your Fan Page

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Do you yearn for something to tell you how to “be better at Facebook?” Look no further than Facebook Insights, the analytics platform built into all fan pages. Facebook provides these stats at no charge — all you need to do is click, read, and use the data to improve the performance of your fan page posts. Insights can help you with the following improvements to your Facebook marketing.

Optimize the times you post to your page

Insights can show you when your fans are active on Facebook. Let me use my business fan page as an example for this and all examples that follow.

According to my Insights, my fans are on Facebook every day of the week pretty much after 8am. That is a mammoth block of time — but I will consider the peaks of the “times” graph to better publish my posts for the widest possible audience.

When Are My Fans On Facebook?

I’ll also take into consideration where my fans are from — Facebook Insights also provides this information. Because I’m based in Boston, a lot of my fans are from the Greater Boston area. But there is significant representation from the West Coast, which is three hours behind me. So I play with an East Coast/West Coast timing schedule to catch these two important regions.


Uncover how fans discovered your fan page

By examining the data from “external referrers,” you can determine which Websites tempted readers to check out your Facebook page.

I see that my fan page got a lot of visits on August 1 and 14.  I got a lot of new visits to my Website on the 1st as a result of a book giveaway I was hosting. Most likely these new Website visitors wanted to learn more about me via my Facebook page.

On the 14th, my article on Twitter etiquette was not only tweeted out by a very generous Twitter influencer, but was also syndicated by the popular blog Social Media Today. My guess is that readers on my blog and Social Media Today were thinking, “Who is this Lisa Kalner Williams person?” and went to my fan page for answers.

My lesson here — I should continue to write about topics business owners and marketers are interested in. These readers will peruse the articles on my site, hopefully sign up for my newsletter, and then scoot off to further connect with me on Facebook.

Understand which posts get fans to do more than just “like”

When a fan is happy about what you post on your fan page, she will click the “like” icon. If she’s happy about what you posted and wants to learn more, she will click on a link or photo in your post. Facebook Insights has just made it easier to see which posts your fans found “clickworthy.”

According to this “engagement” column, it looks like my post about “4 Toxic Mistakes Business Make on Facebook” intrigued fans. Insights allows me to click through to get further details on that post.

Minimize posts that fans don’t like

Until Facebook launches a “dislike” button, fans currently show their displeasure of a fan page message by hiding a post — or unliking your page.  These actions are called “negative feedback” and are spelled out for you in Insights.

Evidently, I ticked off two fans on June 24. To be honest, I’m stumbling as to why that happened. The day before I had posted a video tutorial on how to set up saved searches on Twitter. I didn’t pay to have it bombard fans over and over — all of this post’s reach was organic.  And I thought the post itself was pretty innocuous.

Perhaps there was too much black space in the accompanying screenshot of the video. In any case, I know that I can’t be all things to all people all the time — otherwise, I’d be a robot, not a human being engaging on a social media platform.

If it’s clear to you why fans unliked your posts, be sure to avoid posting something similar in the future.

See fan page data the way that works for you

Not only does Facebook provide the graphical representations that I’ve shown in these screenshots, but it also allows you to download your page’s Insights as an Excel or CSV file. These files give tons more information and can be modified and sorted according to your preferences.

What questions about Facebook Insights do you have for me?

Add a comment and ask away!

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  1. Thanks for this overview. I have found the new insights very useful. Nice to see the referral data too. What is your view about PTAT not having the same importance anymore. The last time I tried I could still access it via the extracted download but it is not highlighted on the site anymore.

    • Lisa Kalner Williams

      PTAT will be the topic of my next video! It’s been highly speculated that Facebook will sunset the “People Talking About This” metric. Check your engaged users column for good stats on who is interested in your posts.


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