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4 Free Instagram Analytics Tools You Need to Try

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Are you in need of serious Instagram user data — but have a meager budget to obtain this information? Try these four free tools to catapult your Instagram analysis and strategy.


IFTTT (“IF Then, Then That”) allows you to automate over 120 apps through “recipes.” One of my favorite recipes? The one that populates a Google spreadsheet on my drive each time a particular user uploads a photo to Instagram. The beauty of this recipe is that unlike most other analytics tools, this one does not require you to log in to Instagram — which means you can get a nice data dump about other Instagram users.

So if you were Qdoba Mexican Grill and wanted to dive into what your competitor Chipotle is up to on Instagram, you could set up the following IFTTT recipe:

ifttt Instagram Recipe

(Of course, Qdoba would set up its recipe to populate a spreadsheet on its own Google Drive account.)

Why you need to try it: This is the easiest way to analyze your competitors’ Instagram activities. From this data, you can determine what’s working for them in terms of image types, descriptions, hashtags, timing, etc.

2. Zapier

Like IFTTT, Zapier automates processes between different apps. Recipes here are called “zaps.” And there’s one helpful zap that its competitor doesn’t have — the ability to send info about new Instagram followers to a Google spreadsheet.

Zapier Instagram Zap

Why you need to try it: You won’t find a better way to search your followers’ bios for key marketing information. Copy this spreadsheet elsewhere add additional information, and presto!, you’ve created a DIY Instagram CRM system or influencer tracker.

3. Simply Measured Free Instagram User Report

This report from Simply Measured gives you an extraordinary amount of data about your Instagram activities over the prior two months, including your best times to post, most engaged users, and top-performing hashtags.

Instagram Top Performing Tags on Simply Measured Report

Why you need to try it: This report is your best bet if you need to present Instagram data to a team. It has tons of raw data available for sorting and analyzing in Excel. If your team prefers visuals, you can pull the major takeaways in PowerPoint with the click of a button. Another nice feature: the report gives you engagement data from Facebook and Twitter if you’ve shared your Instagram posts to those social channels.

4. Iconosquare

Iconosquare (formerly Statigram) has data similar to Simply Measured, although not in downloadable form.

Instagram Post Like Analysis on Iconosquare

Why you need to try it: In addition to providing useful statistics about Instagram, Iconosquare is also a nice platform to respond to comments and monitor hashtags. I delve into Iconosquare in my upcoming online course, “Market Better with Instagram.” (Sign up at my online school to be notified when this course launches. I’m really excited about it!)

In a perfect world, it would be great to have all this Instagram analysis found in just one place. And for it to be offered free of charge forever. While we wait for that distant utopia to arrive on our screens, try to make the use of these four no-cost platforms. And let me know what you think about them!

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  1. hi Lisa,

    Thank you for the feature :)

    If you have questions regarding Iconosquare, feel free to reply.

    Have a good day everybody!

    • hi there i ve been using iconoaquare to do my IG report. but sadly we cant choose the time range for monthly report like in FB and Twitter.

  2. Iconosquare is no longer free. They decided that instead of paying attention to the equity of loyal users which they had built over the years since they were Statigram that they would “cash in” and try to get rich.
    They claim only 4% of people who use iconosquare care about statistics.

    They now charge $200 per month to access stats. Anthony from iconosquare says it was the move they “had to make”. They were great while they lasted.

    Thank you for the article.

    • Lisa Kalner Williams

      Have you gone back to Iconosquare? You’ll notice that they backtracked on that new pricing system. (Clearly you were not the only one disappointed.)


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