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How Isis Parenting Is Growing From Help, Not Hype (BOOK GIVEAWAY)

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Last week I wrote about the importance of developing a robust buyer persona to improve the results of your social marketing. Part of understanding your buyer persona is to understand what the buyer struggles with. By understanding your target’s pain points, you’re better able to develop products and services to make life easier for that person.

A business near me that does this exceptionally well is Isis Parenting. When my child was born, Isis was my local destination for everything from nursing pillows to baby food gadgets.

But it was also my source of parenting know-how. Employees helped me try on various baby slings all while keeping my young daughter from bawling. When I was concerned about my daughter’s weight gain, they allowed me to put her on their baby scale. Clearly, Isis emphasized helping new moms more than convincing them to buy the latest baby gear (which would be pretty easy to do given the desperate, sleep-deprived states of many parents of newborns!)

In celebration of the publication of Youtility: Why Smart Marketing Is About Help Not Hype by Jay Baer, I spoke to Isis’ Vice President, Clinical Content & Learning Nancy Holtzman about her company’s helping culture.

“Isis has always been an education company from the very beginning, which is why we call our locations ‘centers’ rather than stores,” Holtzman explained. “Our goal is to provide the information, products and support that expecting and new parents want and need. Beyond our centers, we bring this education and support online in the form of expert speaker events, webinars and chats, as well as through social media.”

Isis offers several online classes for those who cannot attend typical childbirth classes — like parents-to-be with difficult schedules and expectant mothers on bed rest. In addition to helping others, these classes give Isis the chance to reach more people in areas where it doesn’t yet have locations.

Its online presence also includes Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and a popular blog. These social channels have been helpful in sharing information, engaging followers, and market seeding. In fact, at the center’s grand opening celebration in Dallas, a large cadre of Twitter followers (and their babies) came to show their support! Through its helpful media efforts, Isis had established a fan club in a new market even before it came to town.

These Dallas mothers found Isis Parenting’s online advice so helpful that they rolled out the welcome wagon when Isis’ first center came to town.

Being helpful has also meant more sales for Isis Parenting. Its weekly webinar-chats on sleep and breastfeeding reach families across (and beyond) the US — and have resulted in great brand recognition and lead generation. Holtzman has noticed an increasing number of paid, telephone-based Sleep Consults from both the US and overseas stemming from these weekly “gatherings.”

Are YOU interested in making your business more helpful? Start by reading Jay Baer’s Youtility. Full of tips and case studies, Youtility will allow you to better participate in our current social, helpful culture. And I have one copy to give away to a lucky reader!

[[The contest has ended. A big thanks to all who entered!]]

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  1. Thanks so much Lisa. I’ll sweeten the pot, and will personally sign winner books. Might even be a limited-edition Youtility T-shirt snuck in there!

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