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Can Instagram and Pinterest Work Together?

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Lots of people ask me, “Is Instagram or Pinterest better for my business?” I always wonder why this question is posed as “either/or.”

Truth is, many times the combination of Instagram AND Pinterest can be better for your business. Let me explain how these two platforms can work to benefit each other and your marketing goals.

Instagram and Pinterest 101

To better understand how one social channel can scratch the other’s back, let’s review the basics of Instagram and Pinterest.

Instagram is a real-time photo sharing network. Instagram posts have no hyperlinks — and because of that, user interaction can be measured only by likes and comments. Posts often get found through hashtags used in the posts’ photo captions.

Pinterest is an image-based network that leads users to Websites through clickable or tappable hyperlinks. Posts are grouped by topic, not chronology. Posts are often found through a Google-ish search engine that uses real word descriptions (not hashtags).

Build on the Strength of Both Platforms

Now that we know the basics of Instagram and Pinterest, how do we leverage the best of Instagram and the best of Pinterest to do something great for your business?

Instagram + Pinterest = Website Gold. If you write a blog or have an estore, you’ll most likely want to be on Pinterest. Again, this platform’s marketing juice is through clickthroughs. But don’t discount Instagram. It can help you write a better blog that will get you more referral traffic from Pinterest.

Because of Intsagram’s emphasis on likes and comments, this platform is considered “the King of Social Media Engagement.” Why not use that instant feedback source to cull ideas for great, upcoming blog posts or ecommerce displays?

Here’s how Nomsy asked for feedback on future blog articles.

Nomsy Nut Free Moms Instagram Post

If you manage an ecommerce site and you have the ability to highlight a particular item, why not find out what your marketplace might like to see featured in that space? MoStyles asked its followers for their two cents about these three necklaces.

 Mo Style Shop Instagram Post

Nomsy and MoStyles can now create something noteworthy on their Websites based on this Instagram feedback. This “pre-vetted” content by the marketplace should increase this content’s chances of being pinned and searched for on Pinterest.

Pinterest = fountain of youth for Instagram posts. Again, Instagram is all about real-time images. So that means there’s a small window in which people will see the photo or video you so lovingly created. But since Pinterest is not categorized by time, your Instagram images might have an extra lifeline on a Pinterest board. Consider these ideas:

  • Did you have a bunch of well-performing Instagram posts from a live event? Consider making a board out of them.
  • If you’ve found a slew of Instagram posts that you’ve liked on a particular topic, consider gathering them into a thematic board. This process of taking Instagram likes to a Pinterest board can be automated through an IFTTT recipe, by the way.
  • There’s a chance your brand has run an Instagram contest to collect user-generated content (UGC). And you’ve probably collected some real winners. Don’t let them fade away — add the pins to an appropriate Pinterest board. This is also a nice way for entrants who didn’t get the grand prize to feel like they’ve “won” something.


Do you still think it’s either/or when it comes to Pinterest and Instagram? Or can you see the benefits of combining the two channels for better Web traffic and brand awareness?

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