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4 Easy Ways to Monitor Instagram on Hootsuite

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Do you use Instagram for your business? Do you also use Hootsuite? You can combine both — seriously! Let me show you how you can do all sorts of Instagram monitoring on this social media dashboard.

Hootsuite offers its free and Pro users four great apps to monitor Instagram hashtags, users, and posts. If you’ve never used a Hootsuite app before, go to the left-hand navigation bar of your dashboard. Look for the puzzle piece icon. Once you click it, you’ll have the chance to type in “Instagram” to see these apps.

1. Instagram Integration (free)
Instagram has its own app with a few useful monitoring options. You can check the status of your own posts, view the most popular posts of the moment, and find a stream of posts based on any hashtag or user with a public account.

2. Iconosquare ($4.99/ free for Enterprise users)
The popular Instagram Web viewer Iconosquare (formerly Statigram) easily integrates into a simple Hootsuite stream. Its strength on Hootsuite is its ability to analyze various slices of your audience. For instance, want to see the users you like on Instagram who haven’t had the sense to follow you back? You can get this info by clicking on the people icon.


You’re also able to see who recently followed (or unfollowed) you. Maybe you can foster a relationship with your new followers by liking or commenting on one of their recent posts?


Another group you’ll want to keep in your good graces is those who take the time to like and comment on your Instagram posts. Iconosquare gives you a list of your most active followers within the last 30 days.


3. Vidpiq for Instagram ($3.99/ free for Enterprise users)
I like the options Vidpiq gives me to monitor Instagram. As with the Instagram and Iconosquare apps, I can search through hashtags and users. But Vidpiq also lets me search locations that have been geotagged on Instagram. Here’s a stream of recent posts that Instagram users have tagged at The Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk, Connecticut.


Another great feature is its saved search option. Here I can easily monitor all my go-to searches for users, hashtags, and locations in one handy drop down list.


4. TrendSpottr ($4.99/ free for Enterprise users)
TrendSpottr, like its name implies, monitors popular trends on Instagram. It dives further and seemingly more quickly than the “popular” search capabilities on the Instagram, Iconosquare, and Vidpiq apps. During the 2015 Australian Open, TrendSpottr listed this tennis championship as a hot category. I selected it and was then given options of these related hashtags to follow.


Each hashtag (and related post) has a “Trending Score,” which according to TrendSpottr is “an indicator of the relative trending velocity and predicted viral growth of the content.” Translation: as an end user, I will never know how the score is calculated. But this ranking is one way to find the hottest posts on Instagram if I, in this case, had a business in athletic apparel, motivational speaking, or Australian tourism.

These tools are only available on Hootsuite desktop.

What kind of Instagram monitoring do you already do for your business? Can these Hootsuite apps help you do it more easily?


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  1. Great article Lisa – thanks for sharing!


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