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Pinterest Influencer Outreach: Too Soon For Your Business?

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Now that Pinterest is a major player in the social landscape, should marketers rely on influence scores in their efforts to reach out to pinners?

I say no. Social outreach efforts of the past (and present) don’t quite cut it yet on Pinterest. That doesn’t mean you can’t engage with people who might speak highly of your company. Try these tinier, more meaningful steps to make connections with other pinners.

Look in the mirror. For real. Are you gorgeous enough to court a suitor on Pinterest? Are your pins doing well? What can you learn from your most popular pins to really be the belle of the ball?

Do certain themes resonate better than others? Do long or short descriptions do better for your pins?

Could your pinning time have an influence on engagement? Pinfluencer can tell you when your followers are most actively pinning on weekdays and weekends — your presence during those times will help your chances for clickthroughs and other engagement.

Take that info on good pinning themes, descriptions, and times and apply it for the next month or so. If engagement noticeably increases, get your glass slippers on.

Dance first with your pinning posse. Are there a few pinners from whom you’ve repinned often? Social benchmarking tool Unmetric shows me who are Better Homes and Gardens’ most inspirational pinners.


Marla Meredith seems pretty influential to the BH&G page, doesn’t she? They should reach out to her by commenting on her pins. If her Pinterest bio lists her Twitter account or blog URL, the company might want to also connect with her there.

Watch the dust settle. Whether people like it or not, Klout is the leading measurement tool for Twitter. At present, there is no equivalent score application for Pinterest. PinPuff once led the way with its “Pinfluence” score and “PinPerks.” But since being acquired in June, it is more or less non-operational. (Click “PinPerks” on the site to see what I mean.)

Another (unnamed) tool ranks Pinterest users and gave two of my followers — a major children’s publisher and a local woman with an small Etsy store — a 100% influence rating.

Call me skeptical, but given that three out of the five Pinterest analytics tools I analyzed in July are now kaput (and a fourth rebranded), I’m patiently waiting until a proven ranking tool emerges before I chase a pinner wearing a shiny badge with a hefty influence number on it.

Are you with me? Or are you finding ways to reach out to who you think is influential on Pinterest?

Headline photo credit: Flickr CC/paddynapper

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  1. We’re starting to see pr agencies target outreach towards bloggers that have Pinterest and Instagram profiles. Especially with visual/style/clothing campaigns.

    • Lisa Kalner Williams

      That makes good sense, Andy — I’m all for finding influencers on other, more established platforms (like blogs) who are also active on Pinterest and Instagram.

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