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How to Improve Your Pinterest Marketing with IFTTT

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Pinterest is now available to link to the online app IFTTT. This means you can automate a bunch of Pinterest processes in minutes … and for free! Let me give you a few examples.

First, it behooves me to explain IFTTT for the uninitiated. It’s a tool that links to online channels, causing one channel to impact another based on a “recipe.” So for the purposes of this article, I’ll show you how another channel can do something on your Pinterest account AND how an action you take from your Pinterest account can impact another channel.

For example, if you want to keep archives of your pins and likes going forward, select recipes on IFTTT to pull data on your Pinterest activities into a spreadsheet or other handy file. Here are two related recipes I like.

1. Keep a record of your pins in a Google Spreadsheet.

IFTTT Pinterest Google Drive Recipe

Here’s a recipe to keep pins from your public boards (including group boards) in one handy location, in this case, a Google spreadsheet. But if you’re partial to Evernote or Dropbox, other Pinterest recipes will allow you to import the same data into a notebook or text file, respectively, in those tools. This is handy for social media analysis if you want to search your pins by keywords or have a sortable list of your pinning activity. It’s also helpful for the spreadsheet geeks in your group to relate to an overtly visual platform like Pinterest.

2. Get a weekly email with the pins you’ve liked on Pinterest.

IFTTT Pinterest Likes Email

Yes, it’s 2015 and I still love Duran Duran.

This recipe allows you to analyze what you’ve liked on a weekly basis. Such data is particularly handy when you have multiple administrators on your Pinterest account. Finding what teammates have retweeted is easy because they appear on your boards — but until this recipe, pulling what you and others have liked in chronological order has proven a bit more elusive.

Liking others’ pins is a great tactic for community management on Pinterest, especially if you want to spread goodwill with other pinners but you’d rather not repin their images to spread such cheer.  Getting a weekly report on liking activity gives you sense of how well you (or a team if you have one) are doing in terms of giving nods to other pinners.

This new batch of recipes also makes it infinitely easier to populate Pinterest boards from your other social channels. Here are two of the many recipes that now enable you to automate content on your boards and keep your pins fresh.

3. Pin liked posts from Instagram.

IFTTT Instagram Like to Pinterest Pin


Marketers have come up with manual, crafty ways to share images from Instagram photos on Pinterest. But with IFTTT recipes, you can let such sharing happen on its own.  I particularly like the ability to share Instagram likes on Pinterest. Since Instagram is not an app set up to natively repost others, you can simply run this recipe and have your Instagram likes “repost” on *Pinterest* instead.

To maximize the search power of these images on Pinterest, you’ll want to go into the descriptions of these post-to-pins and convert any Instagram hashtags into Pinterest search-friendly keywords. (Unlike most social channels like Instagram, Pinterest disfavors hashtags.)

4. Pin items for sale from Etsy.

IFTT recipe for Etsy Pinterest integrationIf you’re on Etsy, you undoubtedly know the role Pinterest plays in getting your store some well-deserved traffic. Well, now you no longer have to rush to create a pin each time you add a new item to your store — an IFTTT recipe will take care of that for you.


Which new IFTTT recipes do you plan to use for your Pinterest account?


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