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How To Ruin Your Social Strategy with Instagram Video

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Are you excited that Instagram now offers your business the chance to share videos with your followers?

Great! But stay clear of the following missteps which can destroy much of the good that you’ve already established with your social media marketing.

Autopost to Facebook and Twitter
One great feature of Instagram is its ability to additionally share your videos with your Facebook and Twitter followers. While sharing Instagram videos is a great way to add variety to your Facebook and Twitter posts, it shouldn’t be an automatic function. Think of the demographics of each of your channels and the objectives you aim to meet for each one. For example, Facebook fans respond much better to photos than videos. With that said, how often do you think they’ll want to click through on your shaky, handheld videos? Practice moderation here.

Use as many hashtags as you want
When you do share your Instagram videos to your Facebook and Twitter followers, go sparingly on your vid’s hashtags. Facebook users are just getting used to the “foreignness” of the hashtag.

And remember your Twitter character count. The link to your Instagram video is about 27 characters. Subtract that from 140 and you’re not left with that much space. So use it to entice your reader to click through your tweet. Hint: reading through a slew of hashtags is not enticing.

Stop taking Instagram photos
If your business has been using Instagram for a while, you’ve most likely developed a relationship with your followers through the photos you’ve taken. Don’t sabotage that relationship by dominating your Instagram feed with videos.

Abandon your YouTube strategy
Have you ever searched Instagram for videos? It’s perplexing and time consuming — two characteristics that dissuade most users from trying to find videos on this mobile platform.

But YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world. Don’t you want your videos to appear here? Or better yet, the number one search engine, Google — which just happens to OWN YouTube? The relationship between YouTube and Google is tight. (See the “don’t use boost post” figure for an example of how high videos can rank in Google search results.)

YouTube also offers clickable links, analytics, and advertising opportunities — three features that Instagram doesn’t yet offer businesses to improve their referral traffic, goal setting, and conversion.  Don’t forfeit these business opportunities just because Instagram is “hot” and its videos are easier to produce and share.

Assume your followers will watch all your mobile videos
I hope I’m not the first one to tell you this — but your followers are busy.

Instagram users are used to flicking their finger to scroll through all their photos on their mobile device. They rarely pause in their scrolling — and when they do, it’s usually just to double-tap their screen to “like” a photo. Your “ask” for them to stop scrolling to watch 15 seconds of video is taking them out of their comfort zone. And as more and more businesses kindly ask for “just 15 seconds” of a user’s time, the chances of your Instagram video being watched in its entirety will noticeably diminish.

Pretend your legal department doesn’t care about mobile video
I’ve already hinted that businesses don’t like all the time it takes to make YouTube videos. For many large businesses, a big chunk of that time comes from running videos by their legal department for approval. This process often adds days, if not weeks, between “action” and “upload.”

If your legal team demands to see each of your YouTube videos, it will surely want to review your vids on Instagram. But here’s the problem: as of now, you cannot save draft versions of Instagram videos to be given a legal thumbs up or down. If video sharing on Instagram is a must for your marketplace, brainstorm with legal on how best to proceed.

You might be a small business without a legal team. Nonetheless, in this fast moving world of social technology, it’s worth taking a moment to evaluate how sharing Instagram videos will benefit your company.

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