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Two Simple Ways To Improve Your Monitoring On Twitter

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I recently wrote about the importance of providing good customer service on Twitter. While the idea of being helpful on Twitter sounds good  in theory, it often seems daunting for many businesses to put into practice.

So let’s break down how to increase your Twitter customer service skills while keeping your blood pressure (relatively) stable. I’ll start with two basic methods — notifications and saved searches — to systematize the way you monitor opportunities on Twitter to help customers and prospects.


The most common way for a Twitter user to get your company’s attention is by putting your Twitter name (mine is @sierratierra) in his or her tweet.

Get alerted to these mentions. Go to your Twitter account and make sure you enable email notifications for all mentions of your username. If you use a Twitter app (like Twitterific or Tweetcaster) on your mobile phone, set your notifications there.

When I instruct business owners to do this, they sigh,  ”How will I manage my time when I am getting all these notifications?”

My response? “You’re not Lady Gaga.” Especially when first starting out, your business will be lucky to get a mention a day. But that mention is worth paying attention to. So turn on your mention notifications.

Saved Searches

Some people on Twitter might not refer to your business’ username. They might type out your “real name.” If you’re using Twitter.com, set up a saved search for your company’s official name. I have “Sierra Tierra Marketing” as one of several search terms saved on my Twitter account.

Also considering additional searches for the following:

  • Twitter usernames and “real life” names of your competitors
  • a description of your business product or service (e.g., transcription software, gluten free brownies)
  • a search phrase similar to something you might use in your SEO and Google AdWords marketing efforts. For example, if you’re a Tex-Mex restaurant in Boston and set up a search for “good boston burrito” (without quotes), you might find someone who’d love to hear from you. Like this guy.
Twitter Saved Search of Term Good Boston Burrito

Monitoring With A Dashboard 

If you use a social media dashboard, you can set up all your mentions and saved searches to be monitored at one time. Here’s how some of the suggested search terms in this post look on a Hootsuite dashboard.

Did you read the tweets in the middle column? If you’re that transcription software company, you’d find three opportunities to help people overcome their frustrations with finding a transcription product that meets their needs. In this example, you’ll be providing customer service even *before* these users become paid customers.

Ideally, you should check your saved searches at least once a day. Whenever you log into Twitter or a dashboard, make a point to read your mentions and saved searches before you compose a tweet. The comments and feedback you read in your Twitter feed might very well shape (for the better) what you plan to tweet.

Which method are YOU most likely to try — mention notifications or saved searches?

Cover Photo Credit: Flickr CC/SparkFunElectronics 

P.S. I’ve been happily using Hootsuite for years. As an affiliate, I encourage you to sign up for a free 30-day trial of HootSuite Pro.

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